Raymond Perez

Raymond Perez
Raymond PerezMedia Intern

Raymond Perez joined the Harden team in 2017. He specializes in public speaking, radio broadcasting, public relations, and social media. His experience includes creating a popular podcast with over 70,000 listens and launching an emerging start-up. In his work in the digital domain he has identified low-cost growth tactics that improved pageviews, user acquisition, and session per users on a bootstrap budget. Raymond works on accounts in healthcare, real estate, insurance.

In seven years of public speaking, public relations, and communications experience, Raymond has worked with a wide range of organizations, from Fortune 500 companies to prestigious universities to consulting for C-suite executives. Prior to joining Harden Partners, Raymond worked at Huttle.co, Quantified Communications, Joe’s Crab Shack brand ambassador team, and was the PR manager to Mi Sazon Mexican restaurant in Guam. Raymond’s communication’s expertise has resulted in media placements on clients’ behalf on TV and radio.

His background in Facebook and Twitter analytics informs a nuanced understanding of target audiences and strategies required to increase engagement and user base volume on various social media platforms. He believes the integration of social media and public relations is the key to achieving better results for clients.

Raymond earned his bachelor’s degree in Communications with an emphasis in Small Group Communications from Sacramento State.

When not at work Raymond is an avid sports fan who enjoys traveling all across the United States. He also travels to Guam yearly to visit family and friends.