About Patricia Harden

Patricia (Pat) Harden founded Harden Partners to help companies be heard, known, and valued. Pat brings clients the benefits of a lifelong passion for communication and the desire to help organizations take their game to new levels. Under her leadership, Harden Partners has grown steadily from a one-person consultancy in her guest room to an award-winning, mid-sized agency serving the financial, healthcare, and professional services sectors–and the amazing technologies that support them.

Mistakes Companies Make in Crisis Communications: Seven Deadly Sins in the Digital Age

By Patricia Harden, APR, President & CEO, Harden Partners Business crises have dominated the headlines this year for some of the largest businesses in America. From the drip-drip of ongoing coverage of Wells Fargo’s travails to United’s shocking treatment of a passenger and the missteps of Uber’s CEO, we’ve seen major companies struggle to deal effectively with crisis communications. Most observers agree that despite their massive resources, these organizations have failed to manage crisis communications