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Patricia (Pat) Harden founded Harden Communications Partners, LLC, to provide high-quality communications services in a boutique-style format for organizations that seek leadership and heightened visibility in their industries.

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Self-Promotion Versus Corporate Branding: a Dilemma for Women CEOs?

Do women CEO's do enough to promote their brands? By Patricia Harden,  President and CEO Do women CEO’s do enough to promote their brands? In today’s media-saturated business world, a company’s image is inextricably linked to the reputation of the CEO.  Wall Street analysts, marketers and corporate communicators understand the importance of a CEO’s personal brand and how it affects demand for a company’s products or services and its market value. The “personal

The Evolution of Public Relations

By Nina Newhouse, Account Executive The term "public relations" might be relatively new, but the idea of shaping public opinion has been around for a long time. Edward Bernays, one of the pioneers of PR said, "The three main elements of public relations are practically as old as society: informing people, persuading people, or integrating people with people." In 50 B.C., Julius Caesar publicized his military exploits in the first known political campaign biography to

My Life As An Intern

By Brianna Klipp The Intern Horror Story is typically met with sympathetic nods and diverted eyes aimed to the floor when the topic comes up in conversation. We’ve all heard scenarios of determined students eager to get their foot in the door of the industry of their dreams, clinging to the idea that a few months of hard labor will make their resume a golden ticket to social mobility. Set aside that most interns are

The Golden Age of Communications

The Golden Age of Communications By Pat Harden We’ve had the Golden Age of television, of movies, of trade, of exploration. But what about communications? I would argue that now is the Golden Age of Communications -- change is happening daily and we are able to reach and influence more people than at any point in our history. Never before have we had so many outlets and options for communication. The advent of personalized technology

The Three ‘I’s: Insight, Impact and Innovation

As appeared in Big Data Journal By Amit Gupta http://www.sys-con.com/node/3292530 At Fractal Analytics, we believe in chasing three ‘I's in what we do for our clients, or even for any internal development, to be able to deliver value. These ‘I's are critical for our success (as we perceive it), and forms the core of our thinking. These three ‘I's are - (i) Insight (ii) Impact (iii) Innovation Insight refers to that one big learning or

Reframing the Conversation around Voluntary Benefits

As appeared in Employee Benefit News By Phyllis Falotico, Assistant Vice President – Group Marketing The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America As the voluntary benefits market continues to grow, offering options that serve a wide range of employee needs and circumstances is key. A good benefits program only works if employees are engaging and participating. What we’re seeing now is a shift in the marketplace fueled by the Affordable Care Act and regulation around