Mistakes Companies Make in Crisis Communications: Seven Deadly Sins in the Digital Age

By Patricia Harden, APR, President & CEO, Harden Partners Business crises have dominated the headlines this year for some of the largest businesses in America. From the drip-drip of ongoing coverage of Wells Fargo’s travails to United’s shocking treatment of a passenger and the missteps of Uber’s CEO, we’ve seen major companies struggle to deal effectively with crisis communications. Most observers agree that despite their massive resources, these organizations have failed to manage crisis communications

Harden’s 10 Rules for Strong Client Relationships

By Cindi Goodsell, Director   At Harden, we have 10 rules to create strong client relationships, which is probably why our client engagements tend to last for many years. Results matter, but they are not the entire story by any means.  As business partners, we go above and beyond to deliver excellent results and take our relationships equally seriously.  Here are some of our agency’s rules for building relationships with our clients—approaches that have helped

Getting John Muir Health Noticed for their Great Community Work to Fight Colorectal Cancer

Staff and volunteers at the Digestive Health Fair. Image courtesy John Muir Health. One of the great things about doing healthcare public relations is that there’s always something interesting to talk about. These are the very organizations who handle our health and wellness—who wouldn’t be interested in all they have to offer? There’s so much we can turn into news or social media content for them, including interesting case studies, doctors who are

Getting Press Attention—Can’t Deny Media Loves to Cover Lies

Good PR Counsel Should Steer You Toward Truth Telling and Accuracy By Cindi Goodsell, Director During the spring of 2017, nearly every major news service reported on the false information shared in President Trump’s Tweet accusing former President Obama of “wiretapping” Trump Tower during the 2016 presidential campaign. One thing is certain, Trump’s presidency has ushered in an era where alternative facts—likely even more than real facts—are great fodder for reporters and they garner a

It’s the Culture, Stupid: The Sorry Cases of Wells Fargo and United Airlines

Systemic Failures of Culture that Override Reason, Common Sense and Decency By: Pat Harden, President of Harden Communication Partners As we watch the video of a United passenger bloodied and being dragged off the plane, we are horrified.  Reading the Wells Fargo Board’s scathing report about the Bank’s massive fraud, I am horrified all over again by the scale and pervasiveness of the misbehavior.  In both cases, we see a culture where employees are driven

Best Tips to Improve Your Crisis Communications

By Ross Coyle, Sr. Account Supervisor In the current age of instant communications, it is more important than ever for an organization to have the communications mechanisms in place to control and effectively respond to a crisis or potential crisis situation as quickly as possible. You should work with a PR team that has extensive experience with both preparing for and dealing with crisis communications situations. They should be available to assist in examining your

The Golden Age of Communications

The Golden Age of Communications By Pat Harden We’ve had the Golden Age of television, of movies, of trade, of exploration. But what about communications? I would argue that now is the Golden Age of Communications -- change is happening daily and we are able to reach and influence more people than at any point in our history. Never before have we had so many outlets and options for communication. The advent of personalized technology

The Three ‘I’s: Insight, Impact and Innovation

As appeared in Big Data Journal By Amit Gupta http://www.sys-con.com/node/3292530 At Fractal Analytics, we believe in chasing three ‘I's in what we do for our clients, or even for any internal development, to be able to deliver value. These ‘I's are critical for our success (as we perceive it), and forms the core of our thinking. These three ‘I's are - (i) Insight (ii) Impact (iii) Innovation Insight refers to that one big learning or

Reframing the Conversation around Voluntary Benefits

As appeared in Employee Benefit News By Phyllis Falotico, Assistant Vice President – Group Marketing The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America As the voluntary benefits market continues to grow, offering options that serve a wide range of employee needs and circumstances is key. A good benefits program only works if employees are engaging and participating. What we’re seeing now is a shift in the marketplace fueled by the Affordable Care Act and regulation around