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A Symbiotic Relationship: News And Public Relations

With the advent of the digital age brought a new challenge to media outlets: the constant need for content. Before the Internet was created, people had limited access to information via scheduled television newscasts, daily print newspapers, and word of mouth. In contrast, today’s audience always has access to content. Weather it is your smart phone, laptop, or tablet you always have access to the latest information. I am currently interning at KTVU Channel 2 in Oakland in addition to my position at Harden Communication Partners. I have noticed a few similarities and differences in my two position which made real realize something. Both Sectors depend on each other to be successful.

As an assignment desk intern I work at the central nervous center of the newsroom. Phones are constantly ringing from reporters, viewers, and public relations agencies. We serve as the gate keepers and assign stories to reporters and photojournalists. We usually get those stories from news wires, phone calls from viewers, or e-mails that contain pitches or press releases from public relations agencies. Essentially, I am on the receiving end of the efforts that Harden puts forth for our clients. It’s a really fast pace environment at KTVU which requires you to be on your toes at all times, especially when breaking news occurs. The one things I like the most at KTVU is that I always know whats going on in the Bay Area and the World.

On the other end of the spectrum is my position at Harden which I thoroughly enjoy. Much like KTVU, I have a mentor here who I work closely with in order to learn about public relations. On a daily basis I monitor the media for mentions for our clients, refine lists with updated media contacts, and bring stories to the attention of the media on behalf of our clients. It’s a really rewarding feeling when something that you crafting such as an article for a client makes it into the local or even national media.

I am coming from a unique situation which gives me a new perspective. As an intern at KTVU Channel 2 I am always looking for content to run on either news broadcasts or the KTVU website. As an Assistant Account Coordinator at Harden Communication Partners I am always looking for a media outlet to run my story for a client. In essence, the Public Relations Sector and News Media have a symbiotic relationship meaning they are mutually beneficial to each other. One cannot truly succeed without the other.

By Maya Castro,  Assistant Account Coordinator