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Getting John Muir Health Noticed For Their Great Community Work To Fight Colorectal Cancer

One of the great things about doing healthcare public relations is that there’s always something interesting to talk about. These are the very organizations who handle our health and wellness—who wouldn’t be interested in all they have to offer? There’s so much we can turn into news or social media content for them, including interesting case studies, doctors who are on the cutting edge of medical science, and events aimed at keeping our population healthy.  So when our client, John Muir Health organized a digestive health fair to increase awareness about colorectal cancer, we were enthusiastic about helping to promote it and help them reach their goal of getting 80 percent of their patients, 50 years and above, screened for colon cancer.

Leading up to the digestive health fair, Harden Partners raised awareness about the event by placing news pre-event in publications including the East Bay Times, Eventful, and My Bay Area. The goal was to increase local attendance. We also arranged for Korina Ioffee from the East Bay Times to interview Dr. Samuel Oomen, director of the colorectal program at John Muir Health.

Calendar listings and editorial coverage placed by Harden Partners helped draw in approximately 100 attendees to the event. On site, Harden arranged for the Diablo Gazette to speak with cancer survivors, who were patients at John Muir, and Dr. Robert Sieben, a board certified physician who has been on both sides of cancer as a 22-year survivor of advanced rectal cancer and practicing doctor.  The Diablo Gazette captured his compassion as a personal physician who had experienced what his patients were going through.

In the process, we learned the importance of early colorectal screenings. If cancer is found in early stage the chance for cure is more than 90 percent.