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PR for Physician Leaders

A long-term PR strategy can reap huge dividends for healthcare brands and organizations in a crowded marketplace. Consumer trust is key – and it requires consistent messaging across all platforms – from print and broadcast media to social channels.

Harden Partners has maintained success for its healthcare clients through a keen understanding of the media – crafting “stories that matter” for regional and national audiences. For example – our focus on the California Bay Area continues to reap huge benefits for John Muir Health, which has been featured on every major local broadcast affiliate and print media outlet discussing recent advances in medicine and clinical excellence.

While this extensive coverage seemed like a burst of luck – it is the result of decades of experience in training physician leaders to articulate their key service lines, innovative procedures, and technologies – while differentiating their unique value from the competition. We worked individually with John Muir’s C-suite, management, and physicians to establish John Muir as  “A Destination Hospital In The San Francisco Bay Area”. Rather than resting on the laurels of a prime location and state-of-the-art facilities, we personalized the talking points of each spokesperson to target specific media needs.

We cannot stress the importance of crafting specific messages for trade, consumer, and social audiences enough as they have different viewpoints and sensibilities. Physician leaders are obviously intelligent, but often require a bit of training to refine their messaging style. This maintains consistency and often times confidentiality. A CEO, for example, might feel perfectly comfortable discussing deals that aren’t on the books yet – much to the chagrin of their legal team.

Our systematic messaging style might have taken a while to get used to, but John Muir Health doctors are now esteemed thought leaders – appearing in recurring bylines, television interviews, leading local magazines, and periodicals. The sum benefit of Harden’s media relations campaign on behalf of John Muir Health has solidified their stature as one of the best facilities in the San Francisco Bay Area for quality care and clinical excellence.

By Nadine Argueza