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Why PR Is A Good Answer For Doctors

Why do doctors and other health professionals enlist the help of public relations agencies? Because it offers a great way for them to cut through the competitive noise and draw attention to their own expertise. Public relations allows them to show their know-how on a grander scale.

Topics like the uncertainty of the Affordable Care Act, the opioid epidemic, and other national health scares are opportunities for doctors and other healthcare organizations to step up and demonstrate their expertise, enhance their personal brands and build a positive reputation. The Harden Team has helped many healthcare professionals engage their key audiences across an array of print, web, and social media platforms. Clients we’ve worked with, including individual doctors and healthcare organizations like Marin General Hospital, John Muir Health, Sutter Health Management and The Order of Malta, are regularly recognized as standouts in their fields.  

For example, our team helped Internal Medicine Specialist Doctor Runjhun Misra be consulted as an expert by many media outlets and offer her commentary on breaking community medical issues. In this case, she appeared on KRON4 to offer a closer look at the impact the air quality during the Northern California fires had on people’s health: In Studio: Health impact from North Bay fire smoke

Other modes of cultivating customer trust and increasing professional clout through PR include developing bylined content for publications their customers read. We help our clients stay in the news with a consistent buzz of content, so their patients–and potential patients–can get to know them better and get an update on their perspectives on key issues. This can humanize medical practitioners for both patients and colleagues and elevate their credibility before a patient even walks through the doors of their practice.

If you’re a medical professional considering how to raise your profile, maybe public relations is a perfect effort for you.We’d be delighted if you contacted us for a free consultation.